How to increase cibil score – Cibil score Kaise Badhaye

How to increase cibil score – Cibil score Kaise Badhaye
How to increase cibil score – Cibil score Kaise Badhaye

How to increase cibil score – Cibil Score Kaise Badhaye

Cibil Imapct

Hi !!! Welcome to your loving blog where you are getting many offers, free recharge tricks, free earning tricks, and many more. We had provided various credit card offer, Pay later offer. We get message of various users that they are not able to grab such kind of offers due to low credit / cibil score. Here we will discuss that how to increase cibil score – Cibil Score Kaise Badhaye. There is too many applications who is giving guarantee to increase credit score upto 200 points with in 45 days. Here, We discuss about few apps which will help to increase cibil score – Cibil Score Kaise Badhaye.

What is credit score?
Credit score is just a calculation method to analyze customer repayment capability, creditworthiness. There are four credit bureaus in india CIBIL, Experian, Equifax, CRIF-High Mark that generates reports based on your credit score. CIBIL score reflects your credit history. It is used by lending institution to evaluate your creditworthiness before approving loans and other credit based financial products. (Credit cards, Pay Later)

How to Improve credit score quickly?
Credit score varies from range 300-900. 300-549 represents very poor credit score and chances of getting any advance from lending institutes is tough. Credit score 550-700 considered as an average credit score. Above 700 credit score is good credit score and chances are very high to get any kind of credit facility. Credit score cannot change by overnight, major and minor change in your credit habit will get help you out how to increase cibil score – Cibil Score Kaise Badhaye.

Smart Way to increase your credit score:

  1. Pay your credit dues on time.
  2. Opt for higher credit if you are frequent user.
  3. Check your credit eligibility to banks where chances of approval is high.
  4. Check regular credit report for inconsistencies and errors.
  5. Only Apply for multiple credit lines only when there is no other choice.
  6. Pay the dues full and advance.
  7. Never apply for credit facility where chances of rejection of loan application.

Now lets we discuss about how to increase cibil score – Cibil Score Kaise Badhaye.

There is popular Apps which is giving guarantee to increase cibil score up to 200 points if you follow their defined guidelines. If you are really interested to increase your cibil score then it will very help full so just follow the procedure and increase Cibil score quickly.

Here We are discussing about credit builder Galaxy Credit improvement Card who can help you out to increase your cibil score.

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Galaxy credit improvement Card

How to increase cibil score – Cibil Score Kaise badhaye by using galaxy credit improvement card. Galaxy credit improvement card is a mobile based instant credit card. It is offering a galaxy credit improvement card to users who wish to improve their credit score. It offers interest free credit facility for a 45 days and all usage is categorized as loan that is reported to three credit bureau – CIBIL, CRIF and Experian. Repaying your credit on time can give you opportunity to improve your credit score by 200 points. Customer receive, manage andre-pay their credit within the Galaxy card app itself.

1. Credit score improvement upto 200 points.
2. Upto 45 Days interest free credit.
3. Zero annual charges, zero joining fees.
4. Lifetime card validity
5. upto 100% cashback on credit score improvement fee (if t&c fulfill)

How to apply for Galaxy card to improve credit score

  1. First Enter your basic details here Name, Number & Email Id: Click here
  2. After filling details you will be redirected to play store and download the app.
  3. Allow to give access and fill the information Name, Email.
  4. After that click on “get started” and enter your phone no.
  5. verify through mobile otp and sign up with email id.
  6. Enter PAn no, agree t&c and click continue.
  7. sign up by paying the credit improvement fee. sign the agreement on the app and pay Rs. 3000/- upfront out of which 1000/-Rs. will be locked for credit improvement and Rs. 2000/- would be available for customers to spend on the card.
  8. Enter Your personal and professional details and continue.
  9. Complete KYC using Aadhar card.

Terms & Conditions.

  1. Upfront fee Rs. 3000/- as credit improvement fee can be returned 100% to you.
  2. Initially 2000/- out of 3000/- available to spent out.
  3. 3000/- can be claimes as a cashback when you spend an pays at least Rs. 60000/- on Galaxy card.
  4. Cashback will be in the form of Amazon gift card.
  5. Limitation for cashback of upfront fee:
    1. 1500 cashback when you spend more than 30000/-.
    2. Full 3000/- cashback when you spend more than Rs. 60000/-.
  6. Cashback can be claimed after Rs. 60000/- spend and account closed status.
  7. You just rotate your transaction (Means spent 2000/- anywhere and again pay it, again limit available 2000/- again spent and pay due amount) and increase your credit score.
  8. Every spent amount count as loan and if failed to repay or delay in repayment decrease your cibil score too and it leads to legal action also.

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